Edible Manhattan: Stills on the Move — Creating a Buzz

Xan Garcia, general manager of Stag’s Head, a dark-wooded lodge-style beer bar and gastropub specializing in exclusively American-made beer and spirits—and homey dishes braised in said beer—along Midtown East, is always looking for quality local tipples to join her queue of quaffs, and Tiedge’s gin was an easy addition. She says it brings out the subtle sugar in drinks like the bar’s aptly named Bee’s Knees: lemon juice, honey, mint and Comb 9 Gin. “You get a sweetness on the back end of the taste. The honey (in the gin) adds sweetness without making it cloying,” explains Garcia, emphasizing “it’s still a gin; it’s not like gin with a little honey mixed in.” Read the full feature